Busiest Week Ever

It's been a long week. With a fantastic result. I can't believe the transformation. When the carpet was removed Monday morning, I didn't anticipate the job not being complete until Friday. But we managed to have everything finished and CLEANED before Sabbath. Amazing. I have some very industrious help to thank -- the laminate installers (efficient and very nice), the concrete grinders (they came with little notice and were very thoughtful), my parents and grandparents (WOW -- they helped a TON!), and Peter for being so flexible. And thank you to my husband for getting this whole project started in the first place!

I don't think I've ever had a cleaner house. Thanks to all the concrete dust (a fine layer on virtually every flat surface!), we did a thorough cleaning of every cupboard/drawer in the kitchen, every windowsill (and windows), picture frames, baseboards, the list goes on and on. I seriously would never have been able to clean the house so thoroughly. YAY for vicarious nesting!!!

I'm exhausted. Ready for Sabbath. Ready to sleep. Then ready to have a baby. ;) j/k...kinda