Monday, Monday

Yesterday was a day I'd rather not repeat. Laminate installers arrive early with tons of questions I wasn't sure how to answer. Then they discover cracks in the concrete, with ants coming up. Certain materials they needed hadn't been delivered yet. And the concrete floor was not level.

In the meantime, I was feeling very nauseous, lost my breakfast in the sink, almost fainted, and had to lay low for awhile until I could get up and around again. Weird! Thankfully, those symptoms subsided, but I had an uncomfortable uterine tightening periodically throughout the day. Braxton-Hicks?? What do those feel like anyhow? Nobody has ever really explained it to me.

Peter and I spent most of the day with my parents and grandparents who are visiting from Canada. Wish I was feeling better for their visit! We're hoping to get the floor leveled today and be back in business for the laminate installation tomorrow. And we keep watching Ezra get bigger...and wonder just how much more my belly can stretch...