The Best Time

Wouldn't it be nice if babies came at the best time for us? Just fit perfectly into our schedules? Well, for me, that would be today. :) It's the last day of May -- the last chance for the fourth member of our family to also have a May birthday (Laura - May 6, Peter - May 20, Tim - May 25). We wouldn't want him to feel left out, now would we?

I have met any appointments that needed to be kept (Peter's doctor's appointment, hair cuts, webinars, parties) and the week ahead is EMPTY. Nothing going on. Perfect time to have a newborn in the house.

If baby doesn't come today, Tim will have to go back to work tomorrow and go 2+ hours away from town every day this week. Not exactly available at the drop of a hat. Or the breaking of water. Although I doubt my labor will progress that quickly, they do say the second time around goes faster than the first. So maybe 15 hours this time...

So, if it's not to be today, Ezra...just wait another week or so. Weekends are optimal. :)