39 Weeks and Pantless

A much better doc's appointment this morning -- nice nurse was back! YAY. Heartbeat has dropped to 130s and I'm dilated to 2cm. He stripped my membranes, saying this gets harder contractions started about 50% of the time. Well, my body doesn't typically comply with orders...so I'll probably be in the other 50%. So far, not much going on. But I'm hopeful!

I have three pair of sweatpant capris that I've been wearing faithfully. They have recently been really bothering me -- the waistband is too tight. DH thinks a tight waistband could be keeping baby up above the cervix, so I'm retiring them. SO -- I officially have next to nothing to wear. And I'm NOT going to buy more fat clothes for one week or less! I have one skirt that fits and one looser pair of sweats. Certainly not stylish. OH WELL!!! I am so almost done with this and will be losing weight like crazy soon. Cheers to that.