I was so excited to get up with Ezra those first couple nights. My creative juices were flowing, my social needs being met (chatting on FB with other nursing moms), oxytocin was flowin'. I have now reached the delirious stage -- barely alert, can't remember when I was up last, have no idea which side he should be on, insert pacifier mechanically, and I beg/plead for him to drink up fast so I can reassume the sleep position.

I think it has something to do with feeding every two hours. Someone told me when Peter was a baby that a three-block chunk of sleep puts you through a whole sleep cycle...and you should feel more refreshed. I'd like a couple of those, please!

In other news, Ezra's UC (umbilical cord) fell off last night. So he's up for a nice warm bath. He was getting kinda greasy.