Mommy 'n Me

Well, we made it to June! I've come to a few conclusions -- #1. My due date must be correct, so I'm going to plan on having Ezra sometime next week or the following. #2. I have a week or two to spend quality one-on-one time with Peter...our last opportunity!

So, I've developed something called "Mommy 'n Me" -- morning activities based on the letters of the alphabet (just to get my creative juices flowing)!

Today, we started with a trip to an Asparagus farm. The friendly owner gave us a quick tour, let Peter pick and eat some raw asparagus, and took our picture!

Then we went to the Bookstore -- WW Book and Game. A fun place to browse at kids' books and play with toys. Peter did great. We picked out a fun book about Summertime and took a couple pictures.

What about "C"?? Well, Peter doesn't usually get much sugar in his diet, but we made a little exception -- he ate about half a cookie and enjoyed it!

Then we skipped over to the letter "I" and went to the famous Iceburg for lunch. Vegeburger and fries, please!

We'll get going on the letters D-H tomorrow!