Mudding 'n Sleeping

After a rough night, I was tempted to just lay in bed all morning. After canceling some plans with a friend and being lazy for an hour or so, I could tell Peter wasn't going to make it until nap time without some sort of diversion. I didn't really want to put myself in the public eye (my remaining clothes don't really match or look all that great on me!!) so we went for a drive in the country!

The hills are gorgeous here this time of year -- very green. Fields of peas and wheat alongside the road. We got out to walk around and this is what we saw:

Peter found some mud puddles to splash in -- I took a video:

Then, we got back in the car and drove up the road a bit further. Too far, in fact. I noticed the road was changing from gravel to what I thought was packed was pretty squishy MUD!!! So without intending to, I had to plow through some pretty serious rutted mud roads in order to find a place to turn around! We were sliding and slinging mud everywhere! I was praying we wouldn't get stuck! Our turnaround spot wasn't ideal, but it saved us from the almost vertical hill climb that would have been disastrous, I'm sure. I've never done a 20-point u-turn with a 2 foot ditch on one side of the road. Phew!! Definitely an adventure.

Got home, ate a sandwich, and SLEPT. Feeling semi-better. Glad it's the weekend. Need to go into labor before Monday for SURE, since Tim is scheduled to be out of town again (driving 2 hours each way most days).