Lost in Space

I took a trip today. Through cyberspace. You know how one blog can lead to another? And then something reminds you of something else...and pretty soon you're in a sea of open browsers and unorganized bookmarked pages? Yep.

It all started with a friend's Facebook status. Something about an online book club. My ears perked up. I started my [search] engines.

It's a place called Bloom and the book is called Crazy Love. The authors are two friends/mothers with a passion for online fellowship. They do pretty well on camera too.

I followed links to their "Ning.com" discussion area -- something I'm not too familiar with. It took a bit of getting used to. Plenty to read here, if you've got a couple minutes.

I wanted to learn more about these women, so I visited Jessica's blog, which led me to Big Picture Scrapbooking (so cool), and Project 365 (what a neat idea!)

I also learned more about Audrey, the little girl who didn't live more than a few hours past birth, daughter to Selah singer/songwriter (Angie Smith's husband). *tears*

Amazing how blessed I can feel after little online journeys like this. I feel like I made new friends. And I want to read a new book. And I'm inspired to learn more about one of my favorite hobbies (scrapbooking).

Coming back to my planet of housework now...