Grandpa and Grandma are making Peter very happy. :) He was able to take a ride in the airplane yesterday and although it was very loud and he covered his ear for the ENTIRE flight, he's been asking to go for another ride!

Daddy and Peter spent most of their afternoon (nope, no nap yesterday) building a "pile of rocks". A favorite among most males it seems.

Peter was told to stay nearby Grandpa -- but where did Grandpa go? Up a tree!!

I wish I had some pictures of Peter and Grandma playing together with the alphabet tiles. She had him saying "P" for Peter, "E" for Ezra and "M" and "D" for Mommy and Daddy! He's such a quick learner. Then they built airplanes with pieces from his tool set and played lots of catch with his yellow football.

And here are some more pictures of Grandpa with his "kids". We need to get more pictures of Grandma today... =)