Taking a Break

I'm taking a minute to relax while my laundry sits in wait, my children sleep, the dirty dishes rest in the sink, and my stomach grumbles.

It takes quite a bit more time to prepare food when I'm eating "simply". Gotta cook the rice, peel, slice and cook the vegetables, CHEW. Not as quick as a Stripple Sandwich. It's stealing my nap-time, my reading time, my down time. So I'm grumbling. :) But I care about my baby's skin.

Laundry tends to multiply exponentially when we go away for the weekend. If we stayed home those three days, there may have been one load. But going away for three days = 5-6 loads! Part of it is bedding. And a few new clothes I picked up in Spokane.

Fortunately, dirty dishes WILL wait for me to clear my head and do something fun. They don't whine, complain and ask to be washed. I will eventually clean them (probably before our next meal), but for now, they are patient. And I am thankful.