So many good books to read, so little time!

I managed to carve out time for reading this afternoon. A luxury indeed. I tried to spend it wisely, reading a chapter each out of three different books. I'm especially enjoying His Needs Her Needs for Parents -- VERY timely and helpful. We're realizing that better time management will help us to find more fulfillment and joy in this busy life called parenting. Can you believe we thought we had time for Farm Town in our pre-Ezra days??

It's called having better priorities and scheduling in time for the things that matter most [and often get neglected]. And doing things together without the kids!!

I am pretty impressed with the honesty I've found in Glenn Nelsen's book also. I'm looking forward to learning how to better prepare my children to be self-reliant rather than self-indulgent. Tricky in our "affluent" society. But maybe a bit easier with this recession we're having?

I haven't broken into potty training territory yet -- but I'm seriously considering throwing Peter a 2.5 party (Nov 20) and using that to segue into UNDERWEAR. Want an invitation??? =)