Sleeping and Eating

I need to exercise. I may be losing weight, but my muscles are suffering. I'm definitely not in shape.

But there are certain prerequisites for exercise.

One is sleep. Lately I've been avoiding naps altogether. I either get rudely awakened 10 minutes later and try with all my might to put a very awake and happy baby back to sleep. OR I sleep an hour or so and wake up sooooo groggy I don't know where I am or whose child is crying!! In either case, I don't get anything done the rest of the day. So I stay awake, plowing through the afternoon, getting things done. My life is easier that way.

But do I want to get up at 6 o'clock to exercise?? No, no. My bed is my sleep haven, especially when my honey hasn't left for work yet and can entertain the littlest dooga. Who hasn't slept through the night for about two months now.

The other important prerequisite is energy. I can't tell you the exact physiological reason for my lack of it...but my elimination diet leaves me feeling devoid of certain things. My bones feel tired. My muscles don't kick into high gear. My joints feel like they won't hold if I try to jump or run. Psychological? Very possible. But I don't have the mental energy to get up and prove myself wrong.

My brain tells me that with a good plate of macaroni and cheese or a BLT [stripple] sandwich AND a full night's sleep, I'd be out the door and ready for the races.

But since that's probably NOT going to happen, I have to summon unseen forces within to get the job done. Please stand behind me as I try to swim laps, walk/run 2 miles, and bike my chiluns around town this week. It might only happen once, but I gotta try.