Taste Testing

I know you are all tired of hearing about my food woes and Ezra's skin, but I need to write some things down so I've got record of it. Pardon.

Over the past two days, I've been experimenting a tad. Introducing a bit of dairy, wheat and soy back into my diet. At first, I tried pumping BEFORE eating the offending food, feeding him the pumped milk in a bottle (difficult) and then pumping and dumping a couple hours later. Worked semi-OK and his skin didn't seem to react much at all. Interesting.

So, being curious I tried eating some "bad" food (a Big Frank, had to have it!!) without doing the pumping trick. No immediate reaction. But lately, I've noticed several symptoms that were a thing of the past [diarrhea and spitting up], along with a gradually reddening and oozing rash. *big sad face*

So my brief hiatus is over. So long, farewell to all my favorite foods...