Time for Time Out

My Facebook status today reads: "Laura Kyle is thankful that the concept of 'time out' is starting to work for Peter."

It's a tough one -- for awhile, he didn't understand that going to his room was a punishment, just a time to read books quietly (which was fine too -- gives mommy a chance to cool down and clean up the mess!).

Recently, someone taught Peter the word "NO" and he seems to be finding it more and more useful. So out comes the "time out card". Something's gotta give! Fortunately, he has decided that sometimes doing what mommy asked him to do might be more beneficial than crying in his room. YAY. One point for mommy.

Funny story from today:
[Peter wants to play in kitchen rather than eat his lunch.]
Mommy: "Peter, you have two choices -- 1)climb into your highchair and eat; 2)go to your room for a time out."
Peter: "Peter play in kitchen." *smirk*
Mommy: [pointing to index finger] "highchair" [pointing to middle finger] "bedroom"
Peter: [points to ring finger] "KITCHEN!"

Where does this boy get his brain????? =)

End of the story: (We laughed about it and he then decided that highchair was a good option.)