Goals Revisited

It's been six months since I wrote these goals. Thus, I am half-way through my 26th year. Or 27th, however you look at it. I'm surprised how many of these goals were either unrealistic or haven't been met yet. But the effort is there!

1. Give birth to baby Ezra! Without being induced!
Check and check. YOUCH.
2. Potty train Peter.
HMM….who’s feelin brave?? We still have 6 months, right?
3. Enroll Peter in some form of organized activity (kidnastics, jitterbug, kindermusik).
Kindermusik -- YAY! It's been super fun for all of us.
4. Take a vacation to visit family in Canada.
TWO Canada trips this year! And we're staying home for awhile...
5. Encourage traits of generosity and giving in myself and my family.
I'm pretty sure my life as a mommy qualifies me for "The Big Give" -- am I teaching my children to give too?? Will keep working on this.
6. Take as many pictures of Ezra as I did of Peter!
Pretty close -- I'm finishing up page 17 in his scrapbook album. About how many pages Peter had by this age.

7. Keep up with scrapbooking.
8. Resume personal morning exercise routine.
Weeellll...it could be better. But I am getting in a few jogging steps in the early mornings...
9. Freeze twice as many pounds of blueberries as last year.
Hmm...I think we are lucky to have about the same as last year. We’d need to hire workers to get more...
10. Freeze twice as much applesauce as last year.
I think we got about the same as last year.
11. Can 30 quarts of pears.
Still have some left from last year. We dried pears instead. Thanks for the help, Mom!
12. Can 20 quarts of tomatoes.
NOT going to happen! Although we still have a rack full of red tomatoes in the garage waiting to be rescued...
13. Freeze 20 quart bags of corn.
Too ambitious! Besides, we’ve got some left over from last summer.
14. Go camping. At least twice!
YEP. Once at Harris Park and once in Canada.
15. Go mountain biking. At least once.
Still waiting on this one...how 'bout April??
16. Plan and enjoy a creative, inexpensive, kid-free anniversary evening.
HAH! Does Thai food and indecision about what we should do count?? Next time, plan ahead.
17. Brainstorm ideas for writing children’s literature – take a class?
I'm nowhere near this goal...
18. Focus on HEAVEN and living like that’s where we’re going.
Need to put more focus here.
19. Dream about world travel and if nothing else, explore vicariously through others (books, blogs).
I enjoyed reading a book about canoeing the Columbia...but I haven't gotten out of the Northwest yet. Haha. I kinda like it here...

20. Resume my Pilates habit to resurrect those tummy muscles.
Check! Although I need to do it more regularly.
21. Plan one airplane trip to either Phoenix or San Diego.
Thinking it will be Phoenix this time. But when??
22. Teach Peter to ride a two-wheeled bike.
Not any time soon. Sorry all! He needs to learn to stay with mommy first. :)
23. Put love into action. In my husband’s love language.
I'm pretty much a complete failure in this department. :( How will I ever find time to love EVERYBODY?? Sorry you're getting my leftovers, honey.

24. Write more poetry.
HAH. No comment.
25. Explore nature with my family – hikes and walks.
We need to hike more. Before the snow flies. But it's DARK!
26. Continue to foster a love of reading in my children.
Well, with the exception of one book-ripping episode, the love is still there, and growing. We're exploring new books lately. Fun!