Times are Changing

Daylight Savings Time. Or the end of it, that is. Whatever.

Some love it, some hate it. It brings the sun up earlier and of course, takes it away earlier too. We get those long dark winter evenings with nothing to do. And the frosty mornings when we seem to wake up early enough to see the sunrise. At least for a couple weeks, until we adjust.

We haven't adjusted yet, in other words. Peter was up banging around in his room at FOUR A.M. He is tired, yet thinks it's time to empty all the clothes out of his dresser and make a pile. Instead of napping. Now his room is pretty bare -- a couch, a bed and a fan. [Books were removed last week due to a "rip-fest".]

It's OK though. I rather like waking up early, getting out for some exercise before the day begins. And if I can keep my eyes open past 8 o'clock, I have a bit more kid-free time after the little guys go to bed. EARLY.

All in all, it speaks CHANGE. And change can encourage us to begin new habits. Change can inspire growth. Change keeps us learning and adjusting to life's challenges.

So, ADJUST already. =)