Favorite Moments

Snow is falling. How romantic. How idyllic. Makes me want to write poetry (goal #24). I think a list is all we're going to get this time.
I'm in a list mood.

Favorite Moments of 2009 (stream of consciousness):

Finding out we were having another boy. The happy look on Tim's face.

Walking around the hospital courtyard with Tim, watching the ducks and squeezing his hand through contractions.

Watching Peter chug down 8 ounces of fresh carrot juice. AND watching Peter eat a ripe juicy tomato, like an apple.

Splashing around in the waters of Jubilee Lake with Tim while our boys watch from the shore.

Taking a moonlit walk through a stinky orchard while in great fear of wild animals. With my protector and sweetheart and baby number two on the inside.

Watching my extremely happy grandmother chat it up with her long-lost siblings.

Swimming with my crazy love across the chilly waters of a Canadian lake.

Singing songs with my creative son who makes up silly words with me.

Watching life-jacket-clad Peter dog-paddle around the pool, all by himself.

Helping Peter successfully PEE in a cup.

Watching Peter turn the crank on the applesauce maker, while a PROUD daddy looks on.

Listening to Ezra laugh.

Hearing my son cheering me on as I race my mountain bike around the track.

Watching Peter tromp through the snow in his snowshoes for the first time.

Seeing tomatoes through my husband's eyes. AND watching him bake bread.

It's been a wonderful year. Thank you for sharing it with us. More adventuring, gardening, and silly singing coming up next year!