Something weighing heavily on my mind lately has been PRIORITIES. With so much to do in so little will I ever survive??

It's a matter of what I value most. What goals do I have for myself and my family? How do we want to spend our valuable time?

I decided to take the time to list these things. The things we value most. For the record, here they are. In order, from most valued.

--Enough sleep!
--Bible study and prayer (personal and family)
--Daily exercise
--Plenty of water
--Cooking healthy meals
--Sunshine and fresh air
--Cleanliness (simplicity, less clutter, clean kitchen/bathrooms/floors)
--Personal hygiene ;)
--Music (Kindermusik, family music jams, listening to music, practicing piano/violin)
--Reading by myself (magazines, stories, educational books)
--Reading with kids, together and separately
--Pretend Play (building roads, tents, cooking pretend food)
--Connecting with friends/family (Facebook, email, reading blogs)
--Dating my husband (weekly date night, love notes, speaking the right language)
--"Dating" friends (girls' night out, guys' night out, parties)
--Playdates for kids
--Outdoor recreation (skiing, snowshoeing)
--Serving others (meals, gifts)
--Crafts (themed projects with kids)
--Car cleaned regularly inside and out
--Yard-work, gardening
--Garage organized and uncluttered

LONG LIST, eh?? And I'm sure I have forgotten a thing or two.

My first step towards implementation is to schedule a strict bedtime -- 9pm {except for Monday night and Saturday night}! Next, I've outlined what I want to accomplish BEFORE 8 o'clock in the morning. YIKES. I haven't been waking up much before 8 lately. But I'm not going to meet my goals if I don't use that early morning alone time. At least I hope it's alone time. =)

Here are three BASIC goals I want to meet each day.

Two "KINGS" {32 oz water} -- one finished before noon, one finished before supper
At least one WALK -- even if it's around the block during nap-time!
Load dishwasher and pick up CLUTTER before bed

Here's what I've GOT to do on Sunday if I want the week to go smoothly.

Clean out car and load up Kindermusik supplies
Menu plan and grocery shop for the week ahead

And I've tried to incorporate goals into each day of the week, by labeling them as "__________" Day. I hope to use this layout to keep my days focused and not get so distracted.

Kindermusik Day -- all else is gravy
Girl's Night

Playdate Day -- invite Peter's friends over in the morning
Laundry Day
Boys' Night

Easy Day -- Eat OUT one meal
Reading Day
Family Night

Kids' day -- story-time, crafts, pretend play {organized activities}
Date Night

Organize Day -- simplify, de-clutter, re-organize
Friends Night

Once I get this implemented, we'll see if I can afford to take a fitness class (twice a week). I'd love the motivation of getting out to exercise with other women.

Tim and I were joking around about having more kids and how we'll have to drop things off our list to create more time. For Kid #3, I'll have to stop cooking and cleaning. For Kid #4, I'll have to stop bathing and all personal hygiene.

Getting closer and closer to being the crazy lady in a pink fuzzy robe with the comb stuck in her matted hair.