Things I Love

My two-year-old has been extra "twoey" lately. At least that's what I'm calling it. Maybe he's been extra "Petery". But I think his behavior has been memorable lately and worth documenting.

He's been SO particular about things. The CD player must sit right on the edge of the table, six inches from the end, exactly perpendicular. I mean, he's not satisfied until it's in just the right spot.

Don't dare turn off the wrong light switch (if there are two that control the same light) -- he is set on turning off the other one and won't be calmed until it's done right.

It has to be the "tight" bib, not the blue bib, not the green bib, not the yellow bib.

He finds diapers very convenient and balks at the idea of "running" to the potty. "I'm pooping in my diaper." And that's how he wants it.
He's become quite demanding. "Come here now" and "do this now". We're working on this...

If the food doesn't come quickly enough, he's "all done" and the bib comes off. Full time job just keeping food down his gullet.

His imagination is getting crazier and crazier -- "Ezra is Mommy" and "Daddy is Peter". "Peter is going to work to make three monies."

He says "Goodbye honey." I love this.