Tim and Laura are STUCK

We've made it this far. Our second child is almost six months old. But we're coming into the stage where sleep is a bit tougher. Ezra isn't falling asleep in his carseat as well as he used to. And he is starting to wake much more easily. He does so much better when he sleeps at consistent times in consistent places.

Peter has turned out to be an excellent sleeper. But, this came with a pretty significant sacrifice. We may need to become a bit more reclusive while we work on Ezra's sleep habits for the next few months. Tough break.

So you may see smaller portions of our family out and about in the evenings -- a daddy/Peter combo or a Peter and a mommy.

And I may have to squeeze outings in right after Ezra wakes up and before Peter goes to sleep.

Will I remember these challenges six years from now when my kids are all done with naps? Will I have any social skills at all after that many years in the house?

See why I'd like a clean house?? I have to LIVE in it.