A New Year

It really is 2010 today! Hard to believe!

How did I spend the day? On the computer. Trying very hard to finish our family's Christmas Cardcast (our version of the yearly keep-in-touch letter/picture).

We figure most of you see pictures of us fairly regularly, but may not hear our voices. So we create a podcast, highlighting our year's adventures spiced with a few sound effects.

Thankfully, Tim did the cooking and baby-watching today while I slaved. =) I actually really like podcasting. And photo/audio/video "gismoing" in general. I'm learning as I go.

So, I'm DONE with it, bloopers included. But I have yet to figure out a way to publish.

Coming soon (hopefully before midnight) to a computer near you.

UPDATE: Here it is -- http://www.timgineer.com/Christmas_Cardcast_2009/cardcast.mp3