I really wish I hadn't forgotten the camera. But this may have been a visual we can do without. How sharp is your imagination? Picture a smallish tandem Trek, with slicks, seat posts that don't necessarily rise to our heights...

Yes, we may have been half-crazy, but new experiences are always fun, right? Hurtling down hairpin curves on a limo of a bike. Sweating up the other side with a very unloving "granny gear". Fred Flintstone on the front while Wilma looks more like an animated roadrunner trying to keep up.

There may have been some raised voices. But I heard plenty of laughter and shrieks of joy too. No, it wasn't Tim shrieking. Most of what you would have heard went like this..."Tim, SLOW DOWN"..."PEDAL, Laura, PEDAL!!!"

We were literally joined at the hip. Connected by metal. We got together. Ya ya ya. It was AWESOME.