Hiking the Desert

I LOVE bouldering. My computer doesn't think that's a word, but it works for me. You know -- where you're hiking up and over huge rocks that stick to your shoes, or maybe it's the shoes that stick. You know what I mean?

We went with a great group of adventurers, sans kids. First time on a real serious hike in years. No clue how far we went, but when we reached the top we had probably a 210 degree view of the city lights (yes, it was dark by that time!)

I conquered my fear of rock climbing in snake country -- does it count even though it was really too cold for them to be out on the rocks? I also managed to run down the mountain in the dark with only a flashlight while listening to the eerie sounds of owls hoooing and coyotes whining. I decided to focus on the COOL factor rather than the scary-pack-of-hungry-animals-surrounding-me idea.

It was really fun. Something Tim and I needed to do together after three years of marriage and two kids. We decided it would be a good idea to do something wild and crazy like that once every couple months or so. So we don't get old and boring. =)