Oh January, How I Loathe Thee

How is it possible, even while mustering ALL my courage, January comes around the corner and things become SO DISMAL. The rain, the cold, the ice, the fog. And that's just the weather!

Somehow I just can't bring myself to enjoy these winter months with nothing to look forward to but Spring. Yes, I've already given in to thoughts of digging in that dirt and watching my barefoot boys playing in the grass. How will we get through the next 90-100 days!

Now that Peter is taking his nap a bit later in the day (starting around 1:30 or 2ish), I'm adjusting to a longer morning. Can't do the whole "go-out-for-groceries-and-get-back-just-in-time-for-lunch-and-naptime" trick anymore.

We need more activity. Something to get us through these longer dreary mornings. Today we made crowns (although Peter was much more interested in using up all my staples on one sheet of paper) and talked about Queen Esther (skipping over the horrid topics of hanging and slaughter -- another blog post). I'm finding it hard to direct his interest anywhere besides what HE is currently interested in. So we may be building helicopters and airplanes for the rest of the month.

I just miss being outside. Maybe we'll splash in puddles tomorrow while Ezra naps. brrr

Don't you love my cheery adjectives?? Dismal, dreary...let's add miserable.