Peter's Day

We took a trip up to the snow today. Daddy spent the night up there while the rest of us slept in our nice warm beds. He seems to think snow makes a decent bed. Mommy knows better.

I really like snow. I kept saying I wanted to build a snowman, but all the big people wanted to ski really fast. So I patiently rode in the Chariot beside Ezra. I got to get out twice -- once to see Daddy's snow-cave and once to put on my snowshoes and walk around a bit. Not long enough though.

I dozed off once in the chariot. I guess riding in the snow makes me tired. But I wasn't tired at all when we got home! I enjoyed pretending to build a nice warm fire out of blankets.

Daddy keeps saying he is tired. Maybe we'll all go to bed just a little early tonight.