Did I report Ezra's first tooth to you?? It was sometime last month...haha. When sleep is disturbed, whether by teeth, hunger, or colds...mommy has trouble writing down important milestones. Oh sleep.

Well, he has since pushed out TWO MORE teeth and seems to be on the fast track. I'm pretty sure the second was out very close to us leaving on vacation (I thought we'd be on "sabbatical" from teething for the week). But then I saw the third one poking through the day we arrived home! Might that explain something?? Who knows.

Coincidentally, the arrival of tooth number three coupled with our arrival home to familiar bed and Winnie the Pooh has equaled great and wonderful stretches of uninterrupted sleep by the littler child. Which is so lovely for the mommy and daddy.

I think three teeth is enough for now, don't you, Ezra?? ;)