How would you feel if you couldn't eat, sleep or poop??

My poor baby caught a runny nose which became a very stuffy and plugged up nose which makes it very hard to drink from a bottle. We've been using the nasal aspirator to suck as much out as possible so he can breathe.

The plugged nose also makes it very hard to suck on a binky -- his primary method of soothing. Which means he's been having trouble falling asleep. And trouble staying asleep. He's not naturally a mouth breather.

And pooping hasn't been going well since switching him over to hypoallergenic formula. Very constipated and painful poops. We're increasing his doses of prune juice and experimenting with soy formula.

Add teething to these discomforts and you've got a very tired family. Even Peter said he slept poorly because he heard Ezra crying. :(