My Ocean

I'm taking a "blog-break" because if I clean my house first I won't get any blogging done at all. The house is my ball and chain. I must be free for a few minutes.

Life has taken on a fluid 'wave-like' action for me lately. The crest of the wave being Monday -- riding high, surfing that wave through three Kindermusik classes and fun times with friends.

Tuesday is when the wave breaks. I usually go underwater and come up gasping for air, looking for my snorkel. I'm tired, the house is a disaster, food hasn't been know, life is just kinda spinning instead of humming along nicely.

By Wednesday, I've found my gear, pulled myself up on the rocks and cleaned the sand out of my ears. The rest of the week is like a peaceful walk on the beach, the breeze gentle, smells pleasant.

Sabbath brings that predictable push of another wave forming....Sunday I'm in denial ("what? there's no wave!")....then wooohooooo, we're surfin' again!!

Awesome. I like my analogy. Funny thing is -- I'm getting slower and slower about getting out of the water. Soon I'll be snorkeling around.....that sand can stay in the ears, right?? ;)