Quality Time

I remember waiting impatiently for Peter to awaken from his naps. I missed him!

When he was awake, we spent lots of quality time together (or so I remember -- is it all glazed and pretty in my mind??).

It's been remarkably different with two children. I was simply naive as a one-child parent. I'm feeling guilty. It's really hard to spend quality time with both children every day. Not just a tickle here and a hug there, but really interacting with them...for a solid stretch of time. Is that asking too much of myself?

Anyway, Ezra and I were partners this morning while father/son team went to church. He slept blissfully. Played the piano. Watched kittens play in the grass.

And I don't need to feel guilty. I give my sons the best I have. I share my love, my creativity, my enthusiasm. One child might get more of my attention one day. The other the next. It's OK.

Right now he is enjoying some alone time. Unstimulated. Thoughtful. Quiet. He needs this too.

I have a book that is getting dusty on the shelf. It's time to get it out again. On pages 46 and 47 Gigi encourages mothers not to feel so guilty, rather to focus on the wonderful things we do.
Today I will name three things
I did well as a mom.
I will let go of the things
I could have done better.