Things I Love About My 7-Month-Old

He'll be eight months on Thursday! What stood out to me this month?

He's not changing as quickly as he did the first six months, so I don't have a super long list. But a couple really interesting things.

*exploring new sounds with his voice -- screaming (just a bit, checking out that high register) and consonants ("th" is the most recent addition)

*playing the piano! (he LOVES it -- bangs with his whole hand)

*throwing himself backward like a bungee jumper (not sure how this developed, but we have a "routine" -- I hold him tightly with his legs straddling my waist and he literally THROWS his head back and down and giggles! Lately he's got his arms extended like he's on a roller-coaster. Adrenaline junkie?)

*he loves to "touch" Peter -- you know that scratching motion babies do?? I think it's called "raking". Ya, whenever Peter is within reach he'll "rake" him. And of course Peter says, "no, Ezra, stop doing that!"

*he does this funny stiff arm thing when he's gearing up for a really good laugh -- arms out in front, rigid and trembling body...then he'll let out a good chuckle and relax

*NEW TODAY grabbing my sleeve and gently tugging while looking at me expectantly (don't remember Peter doing this!!)

He's becoming more set in his ways -- two 1.5-2 hour naps, one morning and one afternoon. He does better with an earlier bedtime, since he's usually awake by 6:30am.

Four teeth now! All on the bottom. And just barely showing interest in solid foods.