Boost My Immune System, Please!

My baby has had a rough life so far. Well, it could have been easier.

At five months we weaned him cold turkey, thinking that hypoallergenic formula would be the answer to his horrible skin rash.

Well, we all know that breast-milk is great for the immune system. I don't remember Peter getting sick more than once or twice in his first year.

Since being on formula, Ezra has been sick with colds, fevers, and now an ear infection. Way too much illness.

So I'm thinking really hard about his immune system.

Makes it difficult when he isn't eating any solids.

This article lists the obvious -- fruits/vegetables, limit sugar, avoid germs, exercise. But is this really written for babies?? That are probably still on a milk diet?

Think a squirt of flax oil in his formula would help (Omega-3s)?

We HAVE been staying home. The one time we went out, he got sick again. Not fun.

This article talks about probiotics and zinc being beneficial. But how would I get those into Ezra's diet??

At least he has been sleeping well lately. Twelve hours at night and on a good day, two 2-hr naps.

Any advice?? Yep, I'm asking for it. =)