Do It Make a Difference??

The publishers of "Same Kind of Different as Me" were kind enough to send me a copy of the sequel, a kind of follow-up book sharing stories inspired by the reading of the first book.

"What Different Do It Make?", by the same authors, has a different spin. Not necessarily chronological, or even sequential, but GOOD. It's like a second helping with MORE gravy and MORE toppings. Plus dessert.

I admit, I haven't been as riveted this time. The first book was a page-turner that was really hard to put down.

The second book is so chock full of meat, it's hard to sit with it for too long. Gotta get up and process. Gotta get up and DO something. It's pretty motivational.

The dessert?? Stories of other people, real people with the same inhibitions as me, getting out of their zones and making a difference in someone's life.

Adopting a child or rescuing a homeless heart-attack victim, BLESSING a person you would have earlier labeled as derelict. Encouraging kids to save money in a "blessing bank", not a piggy bank. Planting gardens on school property and donating produce to food banks.

It makes it real.

You know what sticks out to me?? It seems like everyone manages to figure out a way to serve...a way to bless people...that FITS them. That uses what they're good at. It doesn't matter if they are old or young, they find a passion that God impresses on their heart and they run with it. And it's successful!

As Denver would say, "that's God's business."

Ever been afraid to give money to the homeless?? Cause they might just buy alcohol or drugs with it? Ya. Denver says we gotta BLESS people, show them that we see them, that they are real people. Let God worry about what they are going to do with the money.

" give the gift with no strings attached, and let God take care a' business on the other end."

I really like the last chapter which updates us on the lives of all the starring characters in the original story. It's hard to believe all that happened because of one dedicated and fearless woman.

But you want to know where this book really leaves me?

Feeling scared. Inspired, but scared.

You should read it.