Nine Month Pediatrician Visit

Although a week past his NINE month birthday, today was the day to see Ezra's doctor.

He's dropped down to the 50's on the percentile chart -- started up in the 90's, then 80's then 60's at his six month 50's. He's fine...but it makes a mother wonder if there's something I should have done differently.

Solid foods are definitely an issue. By now he should be getting a lot more of his nutrition from solids and tapering off on the formula.

The doc scheduled a follow-up visit in one month and my job is to figure out WHAT foods work and HOW to get it down his gullet. Hmph.

It's really discouraging to prepare a bunch of nicely whizzed up foods -- all the right temperature, etc. and have to throw it away. Or eat it myself. Bleh.

His reaction is "don't get that spoon or finger anywhere near my mouth" and then "ewww, that does not belong in here" as he spits anything I DID manage to get in, OUT. If I persist, he cries.

Today I tried homemade mashed potatoes, smashed carrots, and yellow beans. He like none of the above.

I'm not even sure if he's giving it a CHANCE!! He doesn't even really take time to taste! Out it comes...

Oh, and the doc is worried about his gross motor development -- not crawling or scooting or pulling up at all yet. So more tummy time and more challenges. "Loookie over here, it's your favorite toy...come get it!"

"Not worth it, Mom." hmmmm