Today was also Peter's day to visit a doctor -- the pediatric dentist, specifically.

I prepped him a little bit -- we cleaned his teeth extra good before going -- but he (nor I) didn't really know what to expect.

I kinda thought they would be more "kid-friendly", being the Children's Dental clinic and all. But they didn't really baby him at all! They put the thing in his mouth, took x-rays, gave him the bib and glasses, asked him to brush his teeth (to see how he does it)...he took it all like a champ!!

I was really proud.

The scariest thing (surprisingly) was feeling the chair recline while sitting in it. That really made him nervous! And he loves pushing buttons to make things move! Guess HE wasn't pushing the buttons...

Once he relaxed in a lying down position, the hygienist cleaned/polished his teeth very carefully, and brushed and flossed for him. He wasn't sure about the sucking thing that you close your mouth around...

The dentist was really great. She looked in his mouth and poked a few of the back teeth, but said she wasn't really worried. His teeth looked great! (*sigh of relief from mom*) No cavities starting and happy about the space between his teeth (room for adult teeth to come in).

So -- a great visit! And he was pretty excited about the toothbrush and floss he got to bring home. AND the bouncy ball prize. =)