A Worthy Cause

I have a vested interest in worthy students.

I was one.

I would never have made it through college without significant donations from several people. Thank you so much for getting me the education I needed!

It's time to give back.

I am so thankful God has blessed ME and my family. It feels so good to be able to help others who really need it. I believe this young man really needs it. Read his story! Charles deserves a college degree just as much as I did. I hope you can afford to help him out!

And I applaud my friend (and high school roommate!), Larissa, for taking the initiave to raise this money. She is getting INVOLVED in his life and working hard to help him get what he needs. He's determined. He's caring for the rest of his family. She's being proactive. She's making a difference in his life.

Can you help?