Rhyming Day

Age Range: 3-5 years old

Fun colored card stock cut into small pieces
Thick marking pen

Cut paper into squares

Start by asking your child what some of their favorite words are. My almost three-year-old came up with "Zac" and "bike". Then with a lot of help from Mommy we came up with three or more other words that rhyme to make word families! We focused on the letter sounds as we wrote the words very slowly, one letter at a time. We talked about the words to increase comprehension. (ex. "What is a tire? How many do you have on your tricycle?")

Then I mixed up all the cards and we put them back into families together. (ex. "Does "like" rhyme with "tire" or "hike"?"

Once we had them sorted, it was time to write poetry!! April is National Poetry Month after all. Here's what we came up with (mostly mommy, but super fun for kiddo to listen to):

Mommy has a blue bike
She doesn't take it for a hike
She only visits Uncle Mike
To tell him what she doesn't like!

Peter has a very big tire
He rides it on a tight wire
And when you see a smokey fire
Call him, he's up for hire!

Daddy has a big long back
He carries everything in his pack
But when it comes to carrying Zac
He says no, strength I lack.

Go get a big sack
To carry your little yak
He has a very sharp rack
That will stick you like a tack!

And because we love teachable moments, we took a side trip over to Google Images to see photos of YAKS and discovered an airplane with the same name! Then off to YouTube to see videos of airplanes flying (usually where we end up...) ;)