Bloomsday 2010

Well, I finished it again. The 12K run that is really much much more like a walk. At least for those with strollers.

My first time was on my birthday. May 6, 2001. A senior in high school, running with friends. Lots of fun throwing water on each other and trying to run really fast. Finished in 2:13:30. Must have been having too much fun.

Second time was 11 months after giving birth to son #1. Pushing the Chariot with my almost one-year-old on a very warm day. Trying to weave my way through the crowds to get a decent time. But NOT running. Oh no, I would never break the rules. Finished in 2:13:37.

And yesterday, my third "run", pushing both sons (cumulative weight of around 55 pounds, plus the weight of the stroller), feeling held back by slow people more than ever before, certain I was doing very poorly, WISHING for a passing lane. Finished in 2:11:18.

Weird!! Next time I think I should train, leave Tim with the stroller and burn through the course. It's about time. =)