Cookies and Scones Next Door

We visited a neighbor today. Her name is Margarete. How DO you spell that name?

We took her some scones. The boys smiled but didn't peep.

She seemed thankful for company. She likes to play computer games and clean her house in her spare time. Her house was very clean. Reminded me of all the time I will have to clean house later in life.

She has one daughter, one granddaughter and three great-grandchildren. They leave art on her refrigerator.

There are good reasons to visit neighbors:
1. We might provide a balm for the lonely retired souls.
2. My boys will benefit from multi-generational interactions.
3. We won't eat 12 scones in one day, all by ourselves.
4. We will be able to smile and wave and say hello with a name attached.
5. Lessons of friendliness and community togetherness for all.

Margaureete said she will have cookies for us next time we come. Do you think she'll be making cookies every other day for the next few weeks, to always be prepared? How soon should we visit again?