Happy Birthday Part One

So, after that delicious home-made breakfast, I took my older son out shopping while my younger slept at Grandma's house.

We found a new store (thanks Kristin!) that has all manner of farm and garden and pet things. And what we were looking for -- hummingbird feeders. Peter and I picked out one for our house and one for Grandma's house (Happy Mother's Day, Mom!). We got some of the "drink mix" (although in the future we may figure out a homemade recipe) as well as some other items needed for starting tomato seeds. Even though it's probably too late. We need the practice.

Grabbed the collage I ordered from Walgreens.com -- FREE 8x10 collage print through May 8 using the code GOODTHOUGHTS (one word, all caps). It turned out GREAT. Lovin' these free deals!!

Then back for a fabulous lunch of perogies, green beans, coleslaw, and olives. Thank you Mom! Peter was thankful for the special birthday food, he's quite fond of perogies too, it seems.

And I have to credit my mom for a very good choice of gifts this year. Coconut M&Ms (oh yeah), a handy, and very cute, little notebook to write my inspirations in while on the go (ideas for blog posts, reminders, book notes, etc.), and this funky, chic, ethnic, cool, diggin-it, scarf!

To the park for a couple minutes (or five or ten, says Peter)...

And to top it all off, an Iceburg milkshake waiting for me with balloons on the front porch! Thanks Jenee'!! =) Coconut pineapple is a much better flavor.

And now to relax in my very messy house (maybe I'll just close my eyes and lie down) while I wait for my little jabberer to fall asleep. He's singing "Happy Birthday dear teddy" right now.

And pray for all the rain clouds to blow away in time for the outdoor play tonight. "Don't rain on my parade!"