Tears of a Mommy

Today, while scrubbing dried banana, strawberries and tomato sauce off the kitchen table (and chairs) and letting my 11-month-old play with toys by himself (trying not to feel too guilty), I realized I needed to read another chapter from I'm a Good Mother by Gigi Schweikert. 

Chapter 18. "I cry."

Why yes. Yes I do. Today, in fact. Too much potty training drama.

"God understands my tears. He knows I will cry when my windows are clean of [almond-butter] fingerprints, my kitchen floor quieted of [banging pots and pans], and my laundry no longer a [huge] pile. I will cry because my heart is full of the love and memories of being a mom. And only God can wipe away mommy tears." 

Hard to imagine these boys growing up. Leaving for college. Not wearing diapers anymore. I think I will cry a lot. I will miss these childhood moments so much.

Now, to embrace them. 

"Lord God, You have blessed me as a mother. Soothe my heart when I am weary or frazzled. Let me know that it's all right to cry." Isaiah 25:8