Things I Love About My 10-Month-Old

It's late. I'm still awake, mostly because my 2-year-old woke up from his nap around 8:30pm. Wow, these late naps are tough!

But we're here to talk about my 10-month-old! Who has had an INCREDIBLE month.

He's now eating cooked carrots, ripe bananas, strawberries, blueberries, canned apricots, olives, refried beans, potatoes, green beans, cheese, yogurt, cheerios....and I'm sure I've forgotten a couple things.

He learned to roll over, get into a sitting position, pull up to standing, cruise from one place to another, drop down onto his bottom, and crawl! He has amazed everyone with his RAPID development this month.

He has even been seen climbing.

AND he learned to clap his hands!! 
Things I LOVE 
   *His little lip-smacking, kissing action
   *How he presses his forehead against mine
   *How fast he can crawl across the room
   *How he wants everything his big brother has (guess who doesn't LOVE that?)
   *His new crazy nose-scrunched up, gritted teeth face