We NEED Structure PT. 1

These last few days have been too empty. I honestly haven't known how to schedule things after the previous few days which were napless and harried. And obviously needed a day to clean up after the wet mess of a weekend.

But somewhere (about half-way through Tuesday morning) we started to feel Restless Because We Don't Have Anything To Do.

Peter keeps wandering around the house looking for a new spin on an old toy.

We are Kindermusik-less this month, giving us five whole days to work with.

We have simplified to the point of having zero activities.

So -- I have a job to do this afternoon. Filling up the calendar.

But in the back of my head, I feel strange about it all. Seems like we have an awful lot of free time while 9/10ths of the world doesn't have ANY. I wonder sometimes how my children will turn out with so little work to do to survive. I may need to think about that some more too.