Adventure on a Lake


*We saw turtles! Quite a few, sunning themselves on logs, then slipping into the water when we got too close. Peter had a hard time spotting them. More nature observation needed.

*We paddled the circumference of the lake. And up and back the inlet where water comes in during the spring. Had to put it in reverse when things got too narrow.

*Peter peed standing up for the first time. He tried standing in the canoe and peeing over the edge into the water (sorry, TMI), but was too nervous and couldn't finish. We pulled up to shore and he finished successfully there. "Mommy, I peed in the weeds!"

*Ezra giggled and clapped and laughed and grinned at me from his flotation-equipped car-seat the whole time. No sleeping for him, no sir. Too much fun.

*Peter started whining a bit and saying "I want to go home" at which point mommy and daddy had a nice little splashing war, getting him a teeny bit wet, but in a much better mood.

A fun adventure. We needed that. Hopefully the little one wasn't too scarred from missing that nap.