Chapter One: Dailiness

So we put it on the schedule. This morning, for one hour, while son #2 was napping, Peter and I were supposed to just BE. We thought about watching the clouds, but the sky was an empty blue. We cuddled (oh, how he loves to cuddle these days), but an hour is a long time to sit with your arm around a three-year-old, doing nothing.

We tried to be. But ended up just being bored.

Maybe we need more practice.

Katrina says in her book, Mitten Strings for God, that she has found "...that it is much easier [...] to stay busy than to make a commitment to empty time..."

This is really hitting home for me right now, because with Peter's abrupt switch from a three-hour-nap to an early bedtime, we suddenly have a lot of empty time in our day to fill. And maybe it's just me, but I don't like to be bored!!

I'm sitting down at my computer trying to plan crafts, games, quiet time activities...anything to keep the hours spent at home (while Ezra sleeps) from dragging on and on. 

Empty time.

I guess I will continue to work on that concept.

The bottom line is: What do we want for our children? We have dreams and aspirations. We want them to succeed! But when we really dig down to what matters most.......what is it?

The author of this book says she wants her children to have the ability to see the sacred in the ordinary, the ability to love the dailiness.

Maybe if I think real hard about what I want most for my children I'll be able to put "empty time" somewhere on my priority list.

What do you want MOST for your child[ren]?