Chapters Many; Summary Short

I promised a few posts as I read along in this book, Mitten Strings for God by Katrina Kenison. I'm more than half way through the book and haven't posted since Chapter One.

It's a good book. Don't get me wrong. But it may be speaking to another mom. Or you as a mom two years ago. Or five years in the future.

How confusing is that. Sorry.

Really -- the target audience of this book is moms who are in a hurry. Moms who really don't know how to slow down enough to enjoy the quiet. Who don't have time to play with their children. Who maybe have forgotten what breathing slowly in and out feels like.

So, even though every chapter in this book is good, they don't all hit home for me. Unless I take the information and simply develop it further in my life -- taking my breathing and quiet play to the next level. Which I have been trying to do.

I enjoyed her thoughts on nature and how children don't need parents who are botanists, just parents who will explore with them, asking questions together. It's about developing that sense of wonder -- a child needs the companionship of an adult to share the joy and excitement of new discoveries! I've seen this to be true.

I agree with her focus on simplicity and limited TV time. Absolutely. Nothing new here. I'm already a big believer in throwing simpler parties and giving our imagination room to breath. 

I'm getting ready to read the next chapter, called Rhythm, and think this may be the answer to my recent pendulum swinging. There is a rhythm to a good day. I've noticed it. Now if I can capture it in a little bottle.

You can look forward to that. ;)