Childhood Seven

Peter's verbage has been a bit repetitive {read, annoying} lately. And not entirely correct. Where did he learn his grammar? I will not take the blame on this one. Most of his sentences begin with "cuz that's why" and sometimes "cuz...cuz...cuz..." if he can't think of the right word. Then he'll smile and say something like "I can't get the word".  

Along with crazy grammar comes irrational questioning. Lately it's been questions like "but why is that a green bean?" or "but why is this the way to Grandma's house?" Pretty much take any statement and put "but why" in front of it. My theory is that he's just inputting vocabulary into his mental bank and I shouldn't have to answer all these questions. Cuz that's why, just because.

We were teasing Peter the other day -- calling him "Petaaaah" {think thick European accent of some sort}. He says quite emphatically, "My name is PeTER with a TER. Kind of like TURKEY."

Daddy asks {foolishly}, "Are you a daddy's dooga?" Peter answers {determinately}, "NO, I'm a mommy's dooga."

Peter had a couple booster shots at his three-year checkup. He was brave and got stickers and didn't cry tooooo much. :( Later he said, "I'm sad." I asked, "why are you sad?" He replied. "I'm sad because of the really pointy things." {translation: needles}

Yesterday Peter made a weed eater out of his tool bench parts (wooden screws, nuts, etc). "This is the is the blade that have to be careful not to touch's cutting the grass..." 

Slugs. Tim takes the blame for this one. Peter likes them. And has decided that it is his job to help mommy like them too chase mommy around the yard screaming {mommy is the one screaming}.