If Momma Ain't Happy...

I've learned a lot this week. At least I've been trying to.

It seems like with difficulty come important lessons to learn. [I really hope this sentence is grammatically correct.] My over-powering feelings of boredom and frustration have led me to the conclusion that I need things that stimulate my OWN brain throughout the day

Not sure if this is an isolated case, but as a SAHM, it's really all about Playing With Toys. At least when we're not Changing Diapers, Feeding Children, or Doing Laundry. 

Here I was thinking that my three year old was bored and needing more stimulation...more activities, new toys, perhaps even a mother that is enthusiastically engaged in collaborative pretend play. But no, he's fine. He showed me that today as he took a drum mallet and transformed it into an exhaust pipe for his seed drill

It's MOM that needs stimulation. 

Ironic after all my recent posts about Mitten Strings (aka being quiet).

So, I'm learning. Taking baby steps. I acknowledged my need. I took the first step. 

I made a play-list of music that I like. Music that doesn't necessarily mention wheels on buses or what frogs say. A little bit of Chris Rice, Ginny Owens, and my new favorites, Lucky by Jason Mraz and Better Together by Jack Johnson. 

Got me dancin around in the kitchen a bit. That's improvement. 

Cause remember, if Mommy isn't happy......nobody's happy.  

More to come. As I figure out how to incorporate things I love into a day of banana slime and seed drills.