Mitten Strings for God: Introduction

The newest book in my eager hands -- Mitten Strings for God by Katrina Kenison.

It lines right up with my quest for the simple life. My desire to live in the moment. My hope to raise calm, centered children.

"Parents and children alike need time for solitude, time to stretch and think and wonder, time to become acquainted with ourselves and with the world around us. And parents and children need sacred time together, time that is carved out of our busy lives, protected and honored but not scheduled. Time, instead, for just being."

Sometimes I think we need to schedule time for just being. Being together. Being alone. Maybe to cuddle. Maybe to watch clouds float by. To explore our innermost thoughts. To talk to God. To feel time float by without caring. To feel present. To feel at peace.

"This is perhaps the greatest legacy we can bestow on our children: the capacity to be enchanted by the quiet gifts of everyday life."

I'll continue to post thoughts from this book as I read...check back for more. Or better yet, follow me so you won't miss a thing. =)