A Little Side Trip

In between family reunions, we decided to take a little side trip to the Okanagan Valley [aka Old Stomping Grounds]. You've already read a bit about our nights. Want to hear a bit about our daylight activities?

We decided to check out Silver Star Mtn...were hoping to ride up the chair-lift, but discovered it wouldn't be safe (at all) for little ones, so we hiked a couple miles across the hill instead (you know, "Easy Street", when you're too tired to ski anymore).

Here's the happy hiker...just beginning the trek.

Tim proving his manliness, yet again. ;)

Uh-oh, upside-down. That's what happens when you don't want to walk by yourself OR be carried. =)

We saw a little bear off about 500 feet away...I don't know...do you see a bear in this picture?

There it is. It was scratching its chin. We kept walking.

Later that evening we went to the lake beach. Lots of sand. Warm water. Sun. Pretty much the favorite activity among our small children.