Culinary Inspiration

In order to keep the rhythm of our day flowing smoothly, we really need to be prepared for mealtimes.

I have tried so hard to plan meals ahead of time -- writing up a two-week menu plan, planning ahead on Sunday with a grocery list, writing on my to-do list tasks to be ready for the upcoming meal (eg. bake yams) -- but we are having nothing but trouble lately!!

Either we don't have an essential ingredient or somehow the food planned for the day sounds totally unrealistic or doesn't jive with the weather...or I just simply don't have time to prepare it.

Something is consistently going wrong.

I'd like to keep baked goods like muffins or scones or something on hand for breakfasts.

I need simpler, healthier, easy-to-grab lunch materials.

And I need to be more creative with evening meals -- colorful, cool, lots of flavor. Like the bean, corn, cilantro salad a friend told me about tonight.

And lots of watermelon. I think we are on our third one this week.

So, I'm searching for inspiration. I found this website with lots of pictures and ideas -- I think this will help me get back on my toes in the kitchen.

Summer Recipes @ Taste of Home

Personal pizzas with fresh tomato and basil sounds like a good place to start.